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Saturday, January 2, 2010


1 Large "love" magnet! 4"X6" & 5 "love" postcards!!!

1. Follow my blog
2. Tell me something you love and why
3. Leave contact info
4. Deadline is Jan 30th
5. Drawing is Feb 1st

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dianeclancy said...

Hi Jillian ...

I have followed your blog, twitter and flickr and am your fan on facebook ... nice work you have!!

Something I love ... well of course there is my daughter ... she is grown up and we are very close and I love her and love our relationship

right now it is snowing and from inside it is lovely - I love snow when I am warm enough and not having to shovel (hmmmm sounds conditional)

I do love chocolate!

Thank you for this chance to win your lovely magnets and postcards!!

You have access to my email here I believe and you can always leave a comment on my blog - because I am hoping to win!!

Thank you!
~ Diane Clancy*

lostsentiments said...

following your blog and facebook :)

I love snow - I love being at home, I love chatting on Etsy and just realized you told me to tell you SOMEthing I love , not ALL of them ;)

Best of luck to all on the drawing! I know my mom would love this.

nomadcraftsetc said...

Hi there,
Your blog is awesome!!!

I follow your blog, twitter, flickr and facebook!

I LOVE Mondays-weird I know, but I feel like they are a great day to start something new.

You can find me here:
and here:

Thanks so much!

h. mcnaron said...

ok first off i love your human calendar.
second i just started following you on twitter (@crep4ward)
I am a sucker for anything relating to the ocean so of course I LOVE your LOVE shell images.
When looking at your site I think I like the kiwi photo best too, maybe because I'm obsessed with that color green.
Thanks for the site and inspiration.
i am at hmcnaron at gmail

morgaine24 said...

I follow your blog as morgaine24 what I love theres many things but I love my son my husband, my animals, and I love to knit and spin and photography and Ill stop right there lol vbarton24 at gmail dot com i love your artwork

Front Page Baby!!!

"love" photo, 3rd row middle!!!

LOVE spelled out

LOVE spelled out
8X10 love photo or 4X6 postcard